“All on Scalp” is the most valuable hair growth agent that you can buy in Japan.

Living in a foreign country is tough.

Especially, getting drugs and goods which are kind of embarrassing to buy such as drugs for erectile dysfunction, acne treatments, body odor care, and etc are so hard to get and find the best product.

Hair growth agent is one of them. Most products don’t have English website, English description on the products, and you may not gonna find proper person to ask to.

Hi, I’m Tap. During the time I had lived in the United States as a Japanese, I could not find the way to get hair growth agent and didn’t know what to choose.

Here are several Japanese hair growth agent products those I recommend; All-on-Scalp, Bubuka zero, and Chap-Up.

Since the one named “All-on-Scalp” has been newly released in 2019, I summarized the word-of-mouth, reputation , effects , comparison with other products, differences , characteristics , and reasons and goods to choose.

What kind of hair growth agent is all on scalp (ALL ON SCALP)?

All On Scalp (ALL ON SCALP), let’s put all the ingredients contained in the popular hair restorer! It is a new hair restorer released in June 2019, born of a bold concept .

It contains all the best ingredients that the manufacturing and sales company can consider at the time of release, that is, the all-on-scalp contains all of the active ingredients that the competing hair restorer products out there with Scalp Care mix. It is. ( Not all-in-scalp , all-on-scalp !)

3 Reasons to Choose All-On Scalp

Reason 1: 155 kinds of active ingredients that all the ingredients which a popular hair restorer contains

The first reason I thought All-on-Scalp was good was 155 , which is the most distinctive feature of it , and all the effective ideas that manufacturing and sales companies can think of at the present time under the supervision of a national university. All the ingredients are blended . I thought it was insanely rational.

Hair growth agents in the world contain various active ingredients. Famous and representative ones are the Seburi extract , dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and carrot extract .

All-on-scalp contains all 155 ingredients including these ingredients.

Why is the variety of ingredients blended attractive?

The reason is that the ingredients and types that can be formulated for each hair growth agent are different or limited.

There are individual differences depending on the constitution and age of the person who uses the hair restorer. It is not easy to find the best-matched hair growth agent among many products because there are variations in which ingredients feel good for me, and the price range is also different for each hair growth agent .

In order to find a hair growth agent that can be effective for you, you have to keep looking until you get into products that contain ingredients that affect you, and you have the trouble of not knowing if you use various products .

In that respect, it is an all-on scalp that contains all possible active ingredients of the popular hair restorer.

I think that I could see the light of hope that I can graduate from the days of trial and error that bothered the rest of my hair restorer.

It is mentally hard to spend the days that are swayed by hair restorer

Since I was originally a family with thin hair, I have taken care of hair growth so as not to become thin from high school days.

In order to prevent thin hair, from cheap products available at pharmacies within 1,500 yen such as success etc. from 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen related to Scalp D related to CM and expensive hair growth such as 10,000 yen used by fathers I have tried various hair growth agents until I use the agent secretly.

However, in the middle of my thirties, I have not yet found a product that I would like to continue using. We are still trying to find a variety of hair growth agents that overflow the world.

If the reason is that you can not find a hair growth agent that contains ingredients that are suitable for your scalp, you will continue to try the hair growth agent as it is and if you combine it with the previous one, you will spend quite a bit on total! ? What I thought, that would in turn create stress, and it is likely to fall into a negative spiral that worries worry about having a negative effect on the hair.

From such a worry and reason, was released this all on scalp this time, are blended with all of the best ingredients that can be considered manufacturing companies since it is boasted, also good something effect contains components such as feel the I have great expectations for what they are doing.

Even if all-on Scalp is no effect even resulted in, simplistic and its “popular useless if the hair tonic in the all-on Scalp you put all of the components of the hair tonic itself, no effect on my hair loss prevention” in the opposite case I feel that I can go on and off.

The products I’m pushing with the types of ingredients as far as I know in the hair growth agent on the Internet are 107 kinds of Bubu Zero. The all-on-scalp contains 155 ingredients far above it, making this number very attractive.

By the way, I also checked the types of active ingredients contained in the competitive products. I tried to arrange in order of many, but all on sculp … It is overwhelming.

Hair growth agent nameNumber of active ingredients
Bubuka zero107
Chap-up (lotion)70
Deeper 3D46
Plantel EX46
Polypure EX20
All the popular ingredients of the hair restorer in the world are blended!

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All-on scalp is a set of 2 hair restorer and booster. It is bothersome to use two bottles, but there is also a translation.

All-on scalp is a type of product that sprays after shampoo similar to the above competition and swallows lotion. In other words, it uses it combining hair restorer and two boosters.

Once a day, push 5 to 6 boosters and push 10 hair restorers.

It looks bothersome.

However, the combination of the two is bothersome, but in fact there is a miso, and it seems that the number of active ingredients that can be used at one time is increased by incorporating the active ingredient into each of the two .

For the hair restorer, because the Ministry of Health and Labor has strictly limited the blending amount of components per bottle for safety reasons, the number of active ingredients can be gained by the trick of using two bottles. It seems to be there. It is confusing, but I can understand it.

Reason 2: Easy-to-Try Discount Service and Permanent Money Back Guarantee

The second reason why ALL ON SCALP is chosen is the ease of trial. I think that the hurdle of purchase is set quite low by discount and guarantee. Discounts, guarantees and offers are as follows.

  • Free shipping (both first and second)
  • Only for the initial purchase but with a permanent money back guarantee
  • The first minute is 95% off 980 yen and service price
  • There is no restriction on the number, so cancellation is permitted even if it is purchased once
  • Canceling with one phone call OK
  • 9,800 yen of 51% off from the second
  • Present of hair growth support goods follow regularly (with supplement of whey protein for the first purchase)

I resist the regular purchase course. So I will explain it in detail.

However, starting from a regular purchase of a product that has not been used suddenly has been quite reluctant personally.

In general, when purchasing products like this type of hair growth agent or cosmetics on the Internet, you are often forced to do so by purchasing a subscription .

Certainly, I think that the hair restorer will continue to be used on a regular basis, and will realize its effect gradually after a certain period of time (as it ignores fraudulent products like putting on and getting results! But if you buy on a regular course, you have a great risk when you don’t want to keep it .

And this all-on sculpt is also purchased on regular flight courses. In other words, even if it is 20,000 yen if it is a single item purchase, it is 9,800 yen all the time since the second time if it is a regular purchase, so the all-on sculp also virtually strongly recommends the regular purchase.

As a company thinks that it is a place where it wants to catch the user who purchases regularly, it will be various measures in the service of the periodic purchase. I understand.


From the point of free shipping , the first major discount , the first money back guarantee , even one subscription cancellation is possible , even if it is a subscription , it is an environment where it is easy to cancel the service if you think that it would not match.

Once you buy it once, you don’t think it’s a routine purchase with bad hands, so it’s a good condition for us who want to buy it for a trial, though it’s regular.

The first item to be delivered is not a trial set, but regular products with a regular price of 20,000 yen will come. For 980 yen.

By the way, the official recommendation is to continue using the all-on scalp for more than six months.

Regular flight course can be canceled by phone once!

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By the way, this first 95% OFF campaign is for a limited time, and it is planned to be through December 31, 2019 . But it is safe as it seems to be a campaign that can be received until the end of the year.

It is unknown because cost-performance has no description of its content. It is dissatisfaction in the place where content is not specified clearly.

The dissatisfaction is that the capacity is not written. I do not know how many products are used per month, and whether I will have one month for one set. When you look at the picture, it looks like a palm-sized product.

I think it feels like the size of a palm when I take the cap. It is probably imagined that about 100 to 150 ml of hair restorer and about 70 to 100 ml for a booster.

I really want to know the exact capacity. Cospa is also anxious when it comes to long-term use.

However, I think that it is to know what kind of life you have if you try actually buying it. But I personally want to know in advance.

Reason 3: A sense of security as a product of a company that also operates hair care media in the TSE First Section Listing Group

The reason I want to try all-on-scalp and as a reason to become an opportunity to choose a product is the sense of security that the companies in the TSE First Section Listed Group are operating .

Art Nature is well-known in the hair growth and hair growth industry as a listed company, and hair growth agents are handled by famous companies such as Kao , Taisho Pharmaceutical , Shiseido and Lion, so there is nothing special about hearing listed companies. This all-on-scalp is also a product of Alan Products (formerly Goro Co., Ltd.), a subsidiary of United Corporation, a listed company on the TSE .

However, I have never heard of United’s reputation as a hair growth maker , right?

However, Alan Products operates a specialized research site on hair, called HairLabs (https://hagelabo.jp/) . It was a site that I have seen, so there may be many people who know it. The characteristic of this site is not just web media, but using data about hair preferences and trends obtained from registered users .

In short, we are doing media management about hair in response to our needs and voices. It seems that we are developing services such as original product development utilizing data from users, consulting to respond to personal hair problems, and clinics. This has been a good source of relief for me.

Hair lab magazine in hair lab site

Because there is an image that sells expensive products such as cosmetics and hair growth agents that are marketed on the net and products that you do not know who is the bone of the horse who has taken advantage of the weaknesses of the person. . …There is none? Well, it is completely personal preconception ….

However, since medical web media that became ill-familiar or not really understood several years ago became a social problem, the all-on-scalp managed a serious site management for delicate themes related to health and beauty such as hair care. I think that “I am strong” by knowing that it is a product from a company that

Where is the store for All On SCALP? Mail order, pharmacy, shop that can be purchased at the lowest price

As mentioned in the article which investigated the lowest price dealer in detail , the route that all-on scalp can purchase can only purchase only from the official site at this stage for the time being .

It may be that the product has just been released, but it has not been sold by major online stores such as Amazon ( Amazon), Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping . This is a disappointing place.

In particular, since I pay as much as possible to my daily living expenses with my Rakuten card, I earn points, so I would like to buy these long-term and regularly purchased daily necessities at points.

However, it is safe to buy from the official because there is no concern that fakes and bad goods are thrown in the first place, shipping is free, 51% discount that can be received by subscription, and benefits such as the first purchase 980 yen, first time permanent money back guarantee As it is a service that can not be received by Amazon or Rakuten, I think that it is better to try this kind of product on the official site first.

I also searched at the online shops of famous pharmacies / drug stores such as Macchiyo, Welcia, Tulha drug, Sun Drug, etc., but they were not handled at all . Even if it is a general store such as drug store, Tokyu Hands, and LOFT, I think that it is difficult to purchase from other than the official site at the present stage because I do not think that the current situation is handling at the actual store.

If it is handled by a large mail order site or a pharmacy etc. in the future, please check it as we will put together the cheapest dealers on this page . However, now , purchasing on the official site is the cheapest and the only way to buy.

By the way, when you buy on the official site, it corresponds to Amazon Pay .

Amazon Pay (Amazonpay) is a service that allows you to easily apply using the payment information, card information, shipping address and address registered with Amazon as it is. As Amazon acts as a proxy for payment, it is safe because you do not have to enter personal information about your payment on the official site.

All-on-Scalp can only buy the official site

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As it is written in the product introduction article of Hairlab that ” it will be opened in Amazon, Rakuten market, Yahoo! shopping ” from now on, it is thought that the sale there will also be done from now on.

All On Scarp (ALL ON SCALP) reviews

Summarized the reviews of people who actually used All-On Scalp .

If you look at the ingredients, it is only the ingredients that other companies’ products are promoting, so it’s not enough anymore. I thought.
It can not be helped now, but I would like you to return the years I spent fighting with the conventional hair restorer lol

30s Male

I’m doing patch tests and stinging tests, so I’m grateful to me who has a slightly sensitive skin.


It feels so good that you don’t feel sticky. (Because you will be reluctant by young children if you are sticky …..)

Fifties male

After I started using it, I felt that the eyes of the person I was talking with had gone to my head instead of my own eyes decreased.

Since the eyes of others who are worried that they are looking at their own thin hair have become less of a concern recently, they have been able to restore their confidence as a man.

Forties male

All-on-scalp is a product that has just been sold in June 2019, so there are not many reviews and reviews on the net.

In the future, it will be fun to see the opinions of those who actually felt the effect or those who felt that the effect was not effective, as more realistic reviews and reviews will be added to Amazon, Rakuten, At Cosmetics and 2ch (5ch) as well. is. As time goes on, the real voices of those who actually used it will become clear.

I tried to put together an anxious place, a nice spot that I felt after examining all on Scalp.

With that said, it is an all-on sculpt that I have seen in various ways, but there are places where I thought it was good for each, and places where I still have a little anxiety, so I summarized it.


  • Ingredients for the popular hair restorer, let’s put all! The rationality of the concept.
  • If it contains all the ingredients of the popular hair restorer … one will hit! A sense of expectation.
  • The advantage of having more components than other companies’ products .
  • Although two use is troublesome, a sense of conviction that the benefits of the 155 ingredients can be received just because it uses two.
  • A sense of security that is a product of a leading hair care media management company that was not influenced by the Welk problem etc.
  • Free shipping, 98% OFF for the first time, 51% OFF for the second time, I feel the service of the permanent money back guarantee service.
  • It is easy to think that “Let’s try” that the regular purchase can be canceled even once and the cancellation can be performed only by telephone .
  • Can be used together with other companies’ products .


  • There are few reviews and reviews to be helpful, such as long-term use, as it is a new product .
  • Cospa is anxious because the content is not specified on the official site . (It can be understood if you buy it for 980 yen and buy it ….)
  • When this doesn’t work , you can no longer rely on a hair restorer to prevent thinning (it’s sad, but you’ll only get a refund and talk to an AGA hospital).
  • “Buy.” As a comprehensive evaluation of ALL ON SCALP.
  • As for me , I think that it is good as a comprehensive evaluation because there are a lot of things that can be resolved in the future, and the goodness that the consent and joint points go . The cospa side is anxious, but that is also how much you invest in a hair growth agent depending on the personal circumstances of each person.

For the time being purchase by trial, pass in the line that. It will be “Buy” at all!

Besides, after buying it, I’ll just commit myself to 155 different active ingredients.

If that happens, I just use it after all, right?

I also get protein for gifts lol.

Official Free Shipping, 95% OFF for the first time, 51% OFF for the second time!

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Finally, we will introduce the active ingredients that are effective in hair growth included in All On SCALP.

Lastly, I will touch on the active ingredients that are effective for hair growth contained in all-on scalp. As there are many, I will pick up some of the active ingredients and introduce them.

First, D-pantotenyl alcohol and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate mentioned as two kinds of hair growth active ingredients.

Ingredients included in hair restorer

The hair restorer contains a total of 26 ingredients, including a total of 7 active ingredients.

D-pantothenyl alcohol

D-Pantothenyl alcohol, also known as panthenol, is a component that is also included in P & G Japan’s shampoo “Pantane”, which is famous for its television commercials. It is also called. It is a pro-vitamin B5, a substance before vitamin B5 is produced. I often hear about provitamin prescriptions. In 1940, a Swiss scientist had a chance to find that healthier hair grew from skin that had been coated with provitamin B5 by accident, and now it works to stimulate metabolism, hair growth, It is a component that has been confirmed hair growth, hair loss prevention, hair growth promotion and the like. It also acts as a stress antibody, so I think it is an effective ingredient to prevent hair loss and loss of energy due to stress.

Glycyrrhizinate dipotassium

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate is an ingredient contained in licorice root and is excellent in moisturizing ingredients, and is often formulated in shampoos etc. in anticipation of the effect of normalizing the scalp environment and making the hair healthy.

Other four popular active ingredients are…

  • Sembli extract to give the hair and firmness to the hair
  • Carrot extract to keep moisture
  • Chimpanzee extract taken from Chen skin that is famous for the Chinese skin of mandarin oranges (to adjust the condition of the scalp)
  • Herbal medicine at the famous moisturizing ingredients Rehmannia glutinosa

In addition, it is blended with flavangenol, a kind of polyphenol derived from France , and other 19 kinds of active ingredients.

Ingredient list of hair restorer

Hair-growth active ingredient : D-pantothenyl alcohol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, chimpanzee extract, carrot extract, diowe extract, seinlii extract, French kaigansho bark extract (flavangenol), loquat leaf extract, barley fermented extract, peach leaf extract, kamomi extract (1), uduceramide, 1,3-butylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, 1,2-pentanediol, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, cyclohexanedicarboxylate bisethoxydiglycol, sodium citrate, citric acid, camellia oil, Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed black bean extract,

Ingredients considered to have no hair growth effect : ethanol, absolute ethanol, purified water

Ingredients included in the booster

The booster contains 129 active ingredients including 15 active ingredients. We will pick up three typical ingredients and introduce them.


Capixyl is an ingredient that is effective for hair growth developed mainly on red clover flower extract and acetyl tetrapeptide-3. It is said that it is about 3 times more effective than the famous hair growth component Minoxidil, but it is difficult to make the AGA causative agent and supports the function of normalizing immune disorders and the function of hair follicles. The effects are demonstrated as research data. In addition, it is a side effect that is said to be present in minoxidil, but it is said that in capixil there is no concern.


A component developed by Induchem, a chemical manufacturer (Switzerland), it is a composite of components extracted from pine trees and components such as catechin.

Marjoram extract

It contains type 17 collagen, which keeps hair growth and dark hair, promotes the formation of hyaluronic acid on the inside of the scalp, prevents the scalp from drying out and leads to a soft, moist scalp environment. It also prevents the production of thin and unhealthy hair such as hair growth by male hormones and helps the growth of healthy hair.

In addition, it contains active ingredients such as pidioxydyl and tocopherol acetate .

Ingredient list of booster

Active hair growth ingredients : Pinus densiflora extract, cerebrum extract, glycine extract, honey comb extract, Mayorana leaf extract, button extract, tea leaf extract, dry looper flower extract, mout beetle extract, prickly leaf / stem extract, red clover extract, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, Panthenylethyl, glycerin, sodium pyrosulfite, acetyl tetrapeptide-3, pyrrolidinyl diamino pyrimidine oxide, tocopherol acetate,
Aspergillus / Lactobacillus / Reukonostock / Pediococcus / Saccharomyces / Digza saccharomyces, barley seed fermented extract, soybean seed fermented extract, rice fermented extract, azuki bean fermented extract, jack bean seed fermented extract, cotton bean fermented extract, barberry seed fermented Extract, millet seed fermented extract, millet seed fermented extract, American grape fruit fermented extract, apple fruit fermented extract, shun mandarin orange fruit fermented extract, pheasant grape fermented extract, banana fruit fermented extract, peach fruit fermented extract, plum fruit fermented extract, pear Fruit Fermented Extract, Fig Fruit Fermented Extract, Watermelon Fruit Fermented Extract, Horse mackerel Fruit Fermented Extract, Bacon Fruit Fermented Extract Fruit, Persimmon Fruit Fermented Extract, Papaya Fruit Fermented Extract, Apricot Fruit Fermented Extract, Nin Poinsula Fruit Fermented Extract, Karin Fruit Fermented Kiss, European raspberry fermented extract fruit, chestnut fruit fermented extract, loquat fruit fermented extract, wolfberry fruit fermented extract, jujube fruit fermented extract, jujube fruit fermented extract, yuzu fruit fermented extract, peach gloss benori fruit fermented extract, ginseng fruit fermented extract, cabe Tree (leaf / stem) fermented extract, Perilla leaf fermented extract, Yamaguwa leaf fermented extract, Persimmon leaf fermented extract, Yomigi fermented extract, Persimmon flower fermented extract, Sweet potato root fermented extract, Jerusalem artichoke tuber fermented extract, Carrot root fermented extract, Radish fermented root Extract, lotus root tube fermented extract, onion root fermented extract, turnip root fermented extract, burdock root fermented extract, bilberry root fermented extract, taro tuber fermented extract, pokeweed root tube fermented extract, mulberry tuber fermented extract, licorice root fermented extract, akabaginnanso Leaves fermented extract, macon Bu leaf fermented extract, Wakame leaf fermented extract, Mozuku fermented extract, Ginseng seed fermented extract, Ginkgo seed fermented extract, Matatabi fruit fermented extract, Sesame seed fermented extract, Yamabushi fruit body fermented extract, Maitake fruit body fermented extract, Shiitake fruit body fermented extract,
Orange peel oil, coriander fruit oil, Panax ginseng root extract, damask rose flower oil, jasmine oil, bergamot fruit oil, tea tree leaf oil, pervetia canary clarata extract, serine, susabibinori extract, kotodisonomata / hiegusa leaf body extract, glutamic acid, Alanine, Arginine, Lysine, Threonine Flower Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Cornflower Flower Extract, Roman Camomile Flower Extract, Proline, Stylus Flower / Leaf / Stem Extract, Chrysanthemum Leaf / Stem Extract, Yarrow Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, horsetail extract, Hypericum flower / leaf / leaf extract, Altea root extract, Arnica flower extract, BG, menthol, citric acid Na, EDTA-2Na, citric acid, hyaluronic acid Na, betaine, isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen AMPD, PCA-Na, sorbitol, methyl paraben, dextran, zinc chloride, propyl paraben, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil,

Ingredients considered to have no hair growth effect: water, ethanol

What do you think? You can rest assured that there are 155 active ingredients.

If you buy the all-on sculpt for the best deal, it is now!

If it is the beginning now!

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